My camera view is sideways

hello some times my view is going crazy it is like my whole level is on the side how do i fix it or can i just reset my view

Hello KD-

I’d like to ask a few questions to better understand your problem. Is this happening when viewing your level in the viewport or while in play in editor mode? Does this happen in other projects? Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing to help me visual what the problem is.


it is in the viewport working on a level and sometimes when i move the camera it is like the camera is laying on the side…

Hold the Alt key and use the left mouse button to rotate the camera around.

I believe you just have to alt click and it fixes. This has happened to me and that seemed to fix it.

Hi KD,

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Thank you.

only alt or rotating isn’t working can you also just reset it?

Is this a bug in unreal engine?

I have a reproduction of this. If you put a camera into the scene and rotate it (-90, -90, 0). Play the game, then eject. Now move mouse up and down, the mouse axis has changed… now stop the game, the mouse axis remains changed.

However, if you play the game, eject, then re-possess, and now stop the game, the mouse axis is correct.

The only way i can reset it correctly in the editor again is if i hold alt, left click and wobble my mouse around a bit, then it has reset.

Any reason for this :slight_smile:

Alt-click fixed it for me too

u need to close down viewport 1 and then go to top menu windows → Viewports → Viewport 1:)

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