My Camera isn't working anymore

At first as soon as I would play the game, the view would switch to the camera I set up. Then I was messing around with nav meshes and game modes and now when I hit Play the view is where I am in space, and I can move around when before it was a fixed view.



Wrong views:

Hey ItsTeaTime,

You mentioned you messed around with some of the Game Mode settings within the World Settings tab. Be sure you have returned the fields back to the default setting where they were initially when your camera set up was working.

You actually wouldn’t need that added logic you have in the blueprint using the Event Begin Play. There is a setting within the Details panel of the camera actor which will automatically inherit the default player when you press play.


Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

I changed all the Gamemodes back to None which is what it was before but that doesn’t change anything and I already tried the auto activate for player but that doesn’t work either.

There was a floating actor that I deleted while the game was running because I didn’t want it (its shadow was in the way) that normally isn’t in the game when I am in the editor. It moved with WASD and I am using the TopDown Template project so I don’t know if maybe that screwed up the player controller?

Also, I don’t know why there are so many actors present when I run the game:

I figured it out but don’t get why it worked…

I changed my TopDownCharacter’s AI Controller Class to not be TopDownController. I switched it to DetourAICrowdController.