My c++ it's really slow on UE4

c++ really slow,v it takes half an hour to compile in my pc what is going on? it didn’t used to be like that before since 4.20 it seems too slow…. anyone else?

There are a few tips. Change “CoreMinimum.h” instead “Core.h”. Use an SSD for Visual Studio and all of the source files. Upgrade hardware (processor is a priority). Use Incredibuildfor a compile boost.

ok! : D I see.

Without a lot more details, it would be really hard to make anything more than general suggestions like Hansa .

What are you building? is it rebuilding the entire source for a ton of modules over and over when you hit build?

on my laptop, an in-engine build with both VS and Unreal of a single updated class, usually takes about 90sec, and my laptop is quite weak compared to modern standards.

If every time you make changes, it’s taking 30 minutes to build, my guess is you’re doing something quite incorrectly.

Turn on precompiled headers, minimize the amount of headers you are using, and maybe consider turning off the unity compiler (in my case I went from 60 seconds to 5 seconds when changing just a few files).

Bookmarked this, I guess that all your hints/tricks are correct.

Please be aware that Incredibuild is of no use to you unless you have both an Incredibuild license and additional machines to compile with. UBT already distributes work to all available cores. You’d be better off with a threadripper.

Also, upgrading RAM from 16G to 24G seems to have helped me a bit.
But still there are times when Live Coding reload takes a minute to build. The other times it can be 10 seconds.

RAM may indeed help too, especially on a high-core-count CPU. There’s a fairly old but useful post here about compiling UE4, which suggests it uses about 700mb per compile thread.