My build keeps failing on preview 5 4.7 for ios

After upgrading to 4.7 preview 5 I can’t deploy on my device any more. Every other Version previously had worked I only upgraded to 4.7 from 4.6 because all of a sudden 4.61 will not even open on my Mac anymore. I am running Yosemite on my Mac and 4.6.1 was the most stable version to date that I had used until one day last week it will no longer get past the initialize phase. And I also notice it says failed to cold sign even though all my provisions and certificates are valid and up-to-date. What’s going on now? First it was the gamestop controller which was fixed thank you guys and now I can actually test my game with the controller but now I can’t even deploy the game anymore on my mobile device this is becoming extremely frustrating every few months something seems to break and make it very frustrating to use this engine to develop for iOS. When will a stable final release come out for 4.7 I’m forced to use preview Bill it’s because 4.6.1 no longer boots on my Mac. 4.1, 4.5 etc opens with no issues. Just 4.6.1.

This was stated as a known issue with preview 5 when they released it.

Howdy Gardiyea,

Furroy is correct in saying that this is a know issue. We have experienced this issue internally and have it written as Jira report UE-8395. This issue has also been fixed internally with a newer build. I am unsure as to when this build will be implemented into the engine but it has included a fixed version of 4.7 release.

I will be sure to keep you posted as I receive more information.

Thanks and have a great day!

ok thanks i was unaware