My BSP is black!

Hi guys.

Ive made a simple room, that was made using BSP. Ive applied Simple Materials to the floor and walls and ceiling.
When i launch it on my Android device (Galaxy S4) everythin thats BSP is black.
I read a post somewhere that said to Create a static mesh from it all, so ive done that and now ive Set “overide Lightmass settings” and tried “64,128,256,512,1024 and 2048!” but it makes my room look funny.

heres a Preview

Specs are now

AMD FX8350 (8 cores @ 4.0Ghz)
Radeon R7 240 (4GB DDR3)
8GB Corsair DDR3 RAM
Windows 8.1 Pro x64

It looks like the lightmaps are being tiled across the meshes. For a static mesh you have to have proper lightmap UV’s applied, with BSP you don’t have to mess with lightmap UV’s, so BSP should look correctly. If things are looking black on Android, then it’s probably that it’s using the wrong settings and the textures aren’t compressed to the right format.

Ok ive now made the room in 3ds max and exported as an FBX with the UV mapping correctly done. It looks fine in the Engine (perfect infact) but soon as i Package it for android or Launch it on the device, Everything is black, no lighting is showing up at all. The sound effects play and everything is working but its pitch black. Engine says my Device is ETC1 so thats how its compressing i guess. Any ideas? Close to giving up with the engine all together now and using Unity again. :frowning:

It must be compressing to the wrong format, or the materials aren’t setup properly for mobile