My BP Instance Copies from last created object

Hi All,
I am facing two last challenges on my Game Mechanic. Here is problem one.

When I set my blueprint into the world as an instance I duplicate it around. The idea is that the designers attach 3 different models and 3 different images to give the player a choice of different customization options. In this example a bench.

When I copy my instance around though, it only displays the 3 images and 3 models that are available on the last created instance. The others just copies what the last created does instead of showing unique images and models.

Any idea how I create proper instance references?

On a final quick qustion. ClockworkOcean, GrumbleBunny and Everyone has been massive helps to make me understand this flow. I want to make sure I return their favour of helping, do I do that the best by continuing my questions in the same thread of posting new questions? What’s most beneficial for them.

I can’t quite see what’s going on there, but it looks like you’re running through a loop for every bench. Surely you just want to set the image and bench to watch was chosen, that doesn’t need a loop.

The best way to reward Everynone and Grumblebunny is to mark their answers as correct ( ie, tick them ).

Starting new threads for new questions is always better than having a massive thread with no coherent subject matter.

Like this:

All I have inside is:

This is referring to this thread:

But is not set up as originally suggested and results in an unnecessary double loop:

@KasperLarsson: you need to choose, either loop through buttons and fetch an image. Or loop through images and fetch a button. Not both.

I can see the double loop, it was the only way I could make it work, ill try again. ClockworkOcean is using a static mesh variable not a component, that seems to be working, ill try this out!

The hardest part for me here is that the three options i have are not in the actual blueprint widget but called from a separate widget. Im once again clueless on how to actually call that widget. Since you just use “Get widget” but I cannot do that as its not under the same widget. Should I move it back so they are all under one>?

There is an issue with what you are suggesting here.

Your text is an in world text while my pop up is a HUD item, and I have no clue how to access that from this, which is the problem. You go and use “get widget” but I cannot do that because my widget is not inside the blueprint but being called by my button.

Again I think the reason why it’s only just using the names from the last one is that I loop through them. But the real question someone could really help me understand would be:

How do I access my Choice UI blueprint without having to cast or “Get All Widgets of class”?

I don’t understand why this is so hard. I just need to get to that UI every time it’s created, how do I store the UI in a variable or something I can access. Instead, I have to cast and all sort of ■■■■.


It basically just runs the event twice and of course it sets the images to the last one since its the last in the loop. The huge problem here is I do not for the life of me understand how I can make that f’ing HUD a stored variable.

Nevermind that doesnt make any change. What I need to get a hold on is the individual ui that gets created per blueprint instance. Im so lost.

@Everyone Do you know how to fix this?

Sorry, I don’t get the concept here…

Did you ever play Gardenscape on mobile?
You walk over to an object and get represented 3 choices of world upgrade.

I cannot even reproduce this. Its just incredible how crazy hard it is to catch on. How did you get the function "Get widget" it doesnt show up when ever i try to drag from any pins.

Same question for the set text, all you guys just find magically all these cool functions somewhere magically, I have no earthly idea how you do it.

This idea of everything changing dynamically is a nightmare, im banging my head against the wall here. I’ve done 3 mega long courses on UE blueprint and C++ for over a year now and the moment I try to do my own mechanic everything goes to ■■■■.

I just dragged off the widget. This is an actor, and will only work in a construction script. This is not a runtime thing.


Right this question just went to ■■■■, im so epic lost. I cant tell where the replies are anymore, only see them on my mail.

you wrote.
I just dragged off the widget. This is an actor, and will only work in a construction script. This is not a runtime thing.

And my answer to that is, I am in the construct script and I am REALLY not trying to be rude here but this is making not f’ing sense to me.

I mean look here.


I have no idea how you’re managing that. Are you running 4.26?


The forum is retarding out, I dont know why I can only see your answers on mail but not in here. Thank you for helping
! Ill throw in the towel, this is just not the right way of learning something. If epic wants their engine to grow further then they have to make it easier to grap on to. This is just ■■■■■■■■. Something so simple in concept should not be this hard to do.

yeah i just upgraded to 4.26, still cannot access the Text block.

Im so out of ideas here, its been 4 days, absolutely devestating.

You dnot get any warnings. I just dont get it.