My box collision keep overlapped ue 4.27

Hi everyone!
I’m new to ue4 and i have a problem with box collision. So i just simply add a port model to world with lot container or ship. Then i want to spawn a truck or a container when their box collision get overlapped but when i plan the bp in world they keep spawning but nothing get overlap the box collision. It really random when i plan the bp in somewhere else it worded but not everywhere. i don’t know it becase the model i put in the world or i did something wrong ??

Can you clarify? I couldn’t understand the problem.

Hii thanks for the reply
So the problem is my truck’s box coliision get overlapped but i didn’t see anything inside the box or move throught the box.
And i don’t understand why it’s so randomly get that problem if i put somewhere else it worked

The situation is hard to grasp but I’ll try to help, can you post your truck’s blueprint hierarchy and viewport?

I think it’s nothing wrong with the code but about the port model have some really small point that we can’t see it cross the box collision.