My Blueprints book was published

Hello community,

My Blueprints book was published today. The title of the book is:
Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine - Second Edition

This is the Packt link:
BP Book Packt

This is my Amazon Author page:

When I started using UE4 (not so long ago) your Romero Blueprints++: Table of Contents BP was my bible :slight_smile:

Wonderful. It looks like you have a TON of new info and pretty much triple the chapters, Did you work on the first book with Brendan, or join him to bring a fresh perspective? The first one came out in,. way back in 2015? (Really!?! I know I got it very soon after it came out,. :slight_smile: Ironically, just today, I was re-perusing it (first edition) and went online looking to see if it had updated samples or new info added somehow, and found the SECOND EDITION NEWS the DAY AFTER IT WAS ANNOUNCED! (Talk about serendipity!)
It is a good book, but what a great time for an update,… I just got a huge new project with one of the top VR companies, so I am seriously brushing up and adding new skills.
Right before it comes out I’ll do an announcement to my (little over 2,400 :wink: ) subscribers about the book on my VR oriented channel. ( )


I’m Robert

Hi Robert,

Yes, the second edition has TON of new info. I didn’t work with Brenden Sewell in the first edition and Brenden Sewell didn’t work with me in the second edition.

I’m grateful that you will promote the book on your VR oriented channel.