My BluePrint works in PIE but not in standalone

So as the title suggests, I have my blueprint code working exactly as I want it to - but only when played in editor. This seems really weird to me - surely it should work the same everywhere? Here’s the code, which tells my Blueprint Pawn to move to a specific location when it becomes active:

Note: ‘Target Location’ is a public variable reference to a ‘Target Point’ actor contained within the level.

So when playing in editor, all instances of the pawn move to the Target Point I’ve designated for that instance of the pawn. However, when played in standalone, only one of the pawns moves - and instead of moving to the designated Target Point, it moves to the other pawn instance - I have no idea why!

Any advice on what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated!

Have you ever managed to find out why? I’m experiencing a very similar issue with playing my game in editor vs standalone…

I’ve just come across a solution for my problem! I’m not sure how much this will help your specific problem, but I got around this by changing the code to the following:

Basically I changed two things: replacing ‘AI MoveTo’ with ‘Move to Location’, and also changing my pawn’s target location from a built-in ‘Target Point’ to a new Blueprint actor (literally just consisting of a cube).