My Blueprint tab isn't showing Help!

Hi I came a cross a bug or i don’t really know what to call it, basically when i click on a blueprint for example TheThirdPerson blueprint it shows that its opened but i can’t see the blueprint tab even if i wait… Please Help!

Best regards,

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Hey Nijo!

All windows can be enabled/diabled from the window panel, top left corner, including My Blueprint -tab.
So just go Window and click My blueprint.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem to work :confused:
Thanks for trying to help me tho :slight_smile:

Are you going to say how you figured it out?

These are the worst answers, have the same problem and could really use the help.

using 4.17.1 it was missing for me and i had to close the BP and reopen it before i saw the option under the Window menu

Hello fellow friends, just ran into the same problem as NijoMeister described in his question: “My Blueprint”-tab was enabled according to the window panel (top left corner) however I couldn’t find it anywhere in my Blueprint editor window … well until I accidentely discovered a very tiny area on the left side of the window that can be dragged with the mouse, and voila here it is: “My Blueprint”-tab.

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it can happn, that a Tab is placed outside the viewing area of your monitors…

if that happens… you can search for them and drag em back, like @PaulDoesIt described…

or you can go under Window and look for Layout. It can be under Load Layout, but search for “Restore Layout”. this resets the whole positioning of tabs. So even if your Tabs are floating outside the Monitor View, their position gets reset to 0,0 and should be visible again :wink:

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