"My Blueprint" Editor Tab on UObject blueprint subclasses

hi unreal enthusiasts

I am developer with a good background in C++ and architecture (only business software so far…). I don’t have any professional expierence with UE4 or any other game engine, but I am working with UE4 for over a year now. I am in the process of finding a good architecture for our game and its doable quite well since there is tons of documentation and forum entries. However there is one thing that could help to improve our wiring between C++ and blueprint which I have not figured out yet.

If I base a new blueprint class on AActor, I have the “My Blueprint” for adding “Graphs”, “Functions”, “Interfaces”, “Macros”, “Variables”, “Event Dispatchers”, “Local Variables”. If I create a new c++ class X based on UObject and derive a new blueprint class from X, or if I directly derive a new blueprint class from UObject, I don’t get this “My Blueprint” Tab. At least for the first case I see quite some reasons to do this. It would be cool to have the “My Blueprint” Tab also on UObject sub classes.

Now my questions:

  • is this doable (I guess it is, so the next question is more interesting)
  • is it reasonable to do it? I mean we are already using “Data Transfer Objects” based on UObject and sychronized it around over network - we know our way arounnd, but can we handle this?
  • since I can’t possibly ask for a long text on how to do this, could you maybe give a few hints on where we have to start looking?

Many Thanks


Well, I guess this entry is foobar.

It seems that the “MyBlueprint” Tab IS there with objects derived from UObject (not only from AActor). It seems that there are certain circumstances where it disappears for UObject derivates (wasn’t disappearing for AActor derivates). So in short: If you experience the above limitation simply try recompiling/restarting editor whatever until it appears…

Have no idea what caused it.

I was able to open the graph and create a variable which opened the ‘my blueprint’ tab