My beta notes - such as they are

#UDK #Unreal Engine Notes based on my time on the Beta of Rocket Editor -
These 75+ pages are totally free to enjoy.

There’s probably a lot that’s not quite right I have to say…
At least people will be able to sense what it’s like for a non-coder to face this new software :wink:
I hope it may be of use to someone.

It is a googledoc, commentable.

Hi Tom,

Nice notes. You may want to consider copying some of this over into various Wiki pages (although be sure to replace “Rocket” with “UE4”)


That’s kind of you. I’ll look into it.

hi Tom!

I found your document very usefull!
for me it’s the best introduction / explanation I’ve found so far to better understand the Bluprint ecosystem.
As a non-programer (and I don’t know Kismet ue3) it’s still an obscure topic to really understand: how to use it to “really do evrything” I would like to do.
the videotutorials on youtube are great, but I feels like with them I’m undestanding only small pieces of a puzzle and can’t figure out a global vision about bluprint-system.
The UE manual it’s great but I feel that the topic of bluprints it’s explained with to much “programmer-mind” terminology. I would like to have a more “ontological” explanation about the bluprint ecosistem.

anyway… good guide!

I added to the doc, on p.24, a three step guide to Parent / Child blueprints. This is a feature of UE4 that lets you pass stuff from a parent class into all its children classes, like in unrealscript.

I added to the doc, on p. 29, a four step guide to Picking Up Items using Blueprint Communication (calling functions in a gamemode blueprint from a placed actor blueprint). It just uses Print String to show the results, very simple.

I added to the doc, on p. 34 a guide on using Arrays, which is a bit like using Object Lists in Kismet.
The example shows toggling a bunch of lights all at once from one switch. Pretty easy, and there’s probably other ways to do that but I just wanted to see what the array functions are.

I added a new demonstration to my googledoc notes: How to do display time on a 24 hour clock
It’s on p. 40


Actually it’s very simple, but might be interesting for someone who doesn’t know how to code to learn about string functions a bit.

And it made me wonder – well, can we just get the computer clock time?