My Beautiful Paper Smile (Chapter 1 Trailer Released!)

Hey everyone!

Today I just thought I would show off my latest project to see what you all think of it. It is a psychological horror game, with unique visuals and sound, that will hopefully deliver an unsettling and creepy vibe. Check it out!

----New trailer!----


For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to put this video in the main post, so I’m putting it here :slight_smile:

This is the profile pic I made for the games Facebook page. Would love of you all to check it out!…?ref=bookmarks

Thanks everyone!

Here’s a pic of the old inventory. I’m actually redesigning it again, so I’ll post a picture of the new one soon.

This is the redesigned inventory. This is the third time re making it, and I’m really liking this layout. I might make a video demonstrating it, along with a tour of the Blueprints involved in it.


Also everyone, I just sent out the first newsletter for the game. I know this message is more geared toward consumers, but if you’re interested, you can sign up by scrolling to the bottom of the webpage, or you can message me your email from the Facebook Page.