My array won't be constructed succesfuly

So i’ve got a array of archetypes like this

var() archetype array <GOTAMP2Resource> resourcesThatExtractsFromWood;
var() archetype array <GOTAMP2Resource> resourcesThatExtractsFromStone;

and in default properties i have something like

resourcesThatExtractsFromWood(0) = GOTAMP2ResourceWoodBranch’MPGOTA2Archetypes.ResourceBranch_A’
resourcesThatExtractsFromWood(1) = GOTAMP2ResourceLeaf’MPGOTA2Archetypes.ResourceLeaf_A’

But it doesent reference anything then i have to manually do it on the archetype. Any idees on how to referene an array from default properties ?

I assume GOTAMP2ResourceWoodBranch and GOTAMP2ResourceLeaf are child classes of GOTAMP2Resource? And these arrays are in a placeable class? I’m not sure why that doesn’t work. (Just a thought here… the default properties block is not supposed to have spaces. I’ve never had any problems with that, but maybe this will be the one place where it makes a difference.) When you drop an instance of that actor into the world, what shows up for resourcesThatExtractsFromWood[0] and [1]?

In a placeble class no, perhaps that’s the issue. Will check it