My ArchViz W.I.P

Hi, wanna share some progress of my new work, architectural visualization in Unreal Engine 4

i’m using Koola’s technique which is easy to learn and fun to play around with the settings. enjoy :slight_smile:

good job bro

thank you, any feedback for future updates?

For a WIP it’s pretty good. It could do with a few more assets around the place like skirting boards, and perhaps some more detail in those assets (the window frames could be more detailed instead of simple rectangles for example).

Also, it’s hard to tell from the video but I think there should be a tiny bit more ambient occlusion at the base of the walls at 0:34.

Overall it’s nice :slight_smile: keep working at it

okay, skirting boards+ detail will be added, it would be nice. thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Great start!

I would also add the light fixture assets for those IES lights. At least for the ones shining on the walls, (you can get away with the undermount light on the cabinets, but usually there would be a piece of trim hiding them. it really sells it if you can see where the light is coming from. The doors could also use some hardware (hinges, door knobs, etc.) It’s all in the details.

light fixtures, Door Details. Got it! thank you ! :slight_smile: