My antivirus start when I open my executable

My Antivirus start and check my game evytime I do and launch a new build. I don’t know why it is happening and it never found any virus, but it is still a little annoying and something that happen with no other game.

Any Idea what cause this trouble&?


You can probably do without it, the antivirus protection included in Windows is not bad. Usually antivirus software is more pain than it’s worth.

I appreciate, but that’s not the point . The point is that my antivirus scan my game on start and it something that he does not to any other game . So my question is, why does it trigger my antivirus and also my issue being, when I,ll release my game, if the antivurs pop out at the start, it will be annoying for the player.

Which AV, be specific??? If its one of the Free Ad-Slurping ones like AVG / Avast be skeptical of anything it does.
Look at the AV logs, what are they saying? Did you package an executable that’s triggering a false alarm, check it…
Get a 2nd opinion too (download Standalone AV). Its less bloaty, and you can have more confidence its up-to-date.

I’ll check it out, thanks for the assistance and sorry if I sounded rude