My Animation Root Issue?

For this backwards dodge animation I moved the character without moving the root, so he ends up off center of the root (the leftmost pose while the root remains at origin). This will eventually be exported into Unreal Engine 4 as the player’s backwards dodge animation. The root (and character) for my other player animations remains at origin in Maya and would be translated via UE4.

As it is right now, I don’t know how I would be able to play (for example) the idle pose animation after this one without the character ending up sliding back to the root at origin (rightmost pose is the idle pose)

Does anyone know of a solution? Thank you

You have one of two choices, you can either make the animation in place, rather than translate it back, basically just get rid of any “X”… which I assume you’re on X positive, but whatever it is, get rid of that keys on the pelvis so he sticks to the 0 on X. Of course then you have to do translation in UE4, not that big a problem, I use timelines for this sort of thing to force translation in stead of with a key press.

The other fix is that you can have the root animate properly with the pelvis and enable root motion for that animation. This way you don’t need to worry about translation within UE4, you just play the animation and when it goes back to idle, it just continues on as normal. I use this method for my dodge animation on my character, it’s easier to do the motion with animation in that specific case.