My Animation montage not showing in game!

Hello all, I had a problem with the animation montage not showing in-game when click. Them both just standing still like no action is taken instead of stealth the opponent. For a few sec, the enemies disappear which is dead but didn’t show. This carries me for almost 3 days now and I can’t found any solution to it. pls, do help me and give me an assist. I really wanted to work. I follow one of the videos on youtube:

Here some pictures of my takedown:
First is main character events:

This is the AI events:

Do you have a default slot in the animation blueprint? Montages will not play without one.

I don’t think I have one in the default slot. I only copy what shows in Matt video on youtube. Stealth Takedown / Assassination From Behind AI - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube
I have the takedown animation for both the main character and the AI as following the video.

Also here’s the video of my probelm.

Nevermind, an expert of Unreal solve my issues.