My animation is not playing correctly and the skeleton is not keeping offset

I am having a problem with my animation, I am doing a pterodactyl and when I play my “Fly” animation the tail is deformed and not playing in the appropriate way. As you can see in the image below.

When the tail should be like this:

Also as you can see in the image above I also have a problem with the skeleton and is that the bones are not keeping their offset and they snap into their parent bone. I did all my skeletal mesh in blender and took a picture of how the bones should actually be:

Please someone help me I have researched in all internet and couldn’t find any solution to these two problems.

So I changed my blender version to the 2.79b so I could use the 6.1 ASCII exporter, I still have some problems but I think its not to noticeable as my problem before.