My animation blueprint won't show the mesh. Animations work fine, but animbp won't show the preview mesh or the mesh in the actual character bp, someone please help!

I have created an animation blueprint to work with my characters skeleton. Each individual animation works fine. However when i try to use them in the animation blueprint the preview mesh dissapears. Then when i add that skeleton to the character file and set it to use the animbp i made, the mesh also dissapears? Someone please help! been through every setting ican think of!

This is exactly my problem too. When I use the default Third person anim bp things work fine. Even replaced it with my character mesh and the mesh is visible and the animations don’t play. That I expect. But when I use my custom anim bp I get no mesh. Just an empty capsule. In the pic you will see the mesh apears in the animation and physics tab thumbnail but not the blueprint thumbnail. I also don’t see the character in the anim preview.

It would be a great help to 2 ppl if someone knows what’s going on.

Just wanted to update you on my status in case anyone else needs this info. Turns out the scale of my animations was different from my mesh. if you try scaling the mesh up you’ll see what I mean. What ultimately did it for me was reimporting my mesh and animations with the “convert to unreal units” option off. I was exporting from Blender by the way. If you were using something different the flow is probably the same.