My android gearVR project crashes on start up


win 10


SDK 1r6u1


device: galaxy s5

it can run any android format project but not a gear vr project.
I tested it in a clean empty project.

yes. first I saw this that says even s3 can run it,

but now it says it cannot[][2]

thanks for the help

hey wait. i downloaded a vr game and run it on my phone.


that was a vr game made by unity

can I then play a google vr project with gear vr headset?

this game

yees it says it was designed for google cardboard.

thanks again

GearVR is not compatible with the Galaxy S5 unfortunately, therefore the SDK will crash when you try to run it.

which game and where from? You are probably thinking Google Cardboard not Oculus GearVR :wink:

Google Cardboard is supported on that phone :wink: You need to use the Google VR plugin:
and select Cardboard

Before you ask Daydream is NOT support on that phone either :wink:

No you need a Google cardboard headset - it’s the only VR platform supported on that phone.