My Ammo Counter doesn't work for some reason... (Pictures of everything included) please help!

Well Currently I am trying to set up an Ammo counter for my weapon, that counts down from 30-0 and resets when I reload, but sfor some reason it always shows 0 as the value I am quite new to HUD creating, so please help :slight_smile:

Default Values:
Shots Fired: 0
Max Ammo: 30

Ok I forgot to connect the variables in the functiuon, now it shows -3 tho and won’t go up, which I then again don’t understand, either because I really cant calculate or -3 should’t even be possible in any way…??!
alt text

ahh I feel so dumb now, thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

Hello ,

Have you taken a look at our tutorial on how to set up an ammo counter? If not you can go here:

I believe that you will find the answer you are looking for around step 7. I noticed that you are not casting to anything. I hope this helps.

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