My aimoffset is not working/ being implemented

Hello, been using unreal for sometime and I went through the tutorials for aim offsets. I basically did all of the instructions but for some reason the animation won’t go through. In the aimoffset animation its working fine. It’s getting it implemented that seems to not work. What’s weird is that I checked if the yaw and pitch weren’t receiving input but the print string says it is receiving numbers. So can anyone please help me figure it out and tell me what I am doing wrong here?
Note: The additive settings are all set to frame and are using the IdleSword animation.

does it work in anim preview?

or does it work here?


It works perfectly fine in the preview, its getting it to work in game/play mode that is the problem

Actually it doesn’t work in the preview of the anim blueprint but the aimoffset itself works

did you do this?

Yes I did

Oh wait…

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Oh my god I feel like an idiot! The problem was the layered blend per bone, I put it like the photo and started working in the game. Thank you so much!

I plug it in like in the picture and it started working so thank you for your help with my problem.

you’re welcome.

I converted my comment to answer. mark it as resolved

you can add montages to your aim offset like this:

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