My AI can't get to a waypoint if it's not far above or below it, but can if it's a bit further away!


I’m really trying to get some eyes on this issue. Full details are here:…1036/view.html

In short… I have two platforms with nav on; one above the other. They are connected via nav link proxy (and Smart link). I have a waypoint on the top platform and one on the bottom platform.
If the platforms are more than about 145 units apart, then the AI will happily use the nav link to jump between the platforms and go from one waypoint to the other in a loop.
IF however the platforms are closer together, e.g. 135 units or less, the AI stops working and runs to the end of its current platform and gets stuck.

Screenshots and blueprint node pictures are all in the Answerhub link above.


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Is there anything I can do or provide to get someone to suggest what may be causing this issue? Still no responses :frowning: