My account got perma banned for spam?

Hey so sorry to make a new account, I just couldn’t find support links.
I got banned for spam? No idea why, it’s a permanent ban.

My account is: FitnessRegiment

Can someone help? I wanted to learn more about unrealengine, if I broke any rules I apologize.

I saw your(FitnessRegiment) adequate comment in thread created by bot and I think moderator mistaken you with this bot and banned you instead o.o

sorry my fault , i’ve no idea how that happened, atm only epic staff can re-instate users so i’ll get in touch with them and hopefully it will be sorted soon

Out of curiosity, who has the power to ban members (like the spam poster who got banned just seconds after posting - and in the middle of me reporting said spam post!)? Mods or just Epic staff?

mods and epic staff do the banning, lucky for you guys is that you don’t see all the threads after they have been banned, we do which makes things a little hard and on the old occasion we do make misstakes.

also please be carefull on who you report

pps any one else reading this thread if you see a spam thread please don’t post on it just report it and we’ll check it out

Yeah, that’s very** important!!!** :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize it was a spam thread and just thought he didn’t know english very well.

I apologize, I am off anyway. Thought I’d inadvertently broken a rule or something. I was getting my begging clothes ready. :slight_smile:

And dont make jokes about those spambots like this person please!

Dear vashikaran who every day try to makes us happy on this forum, i need you a lot ! - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums!

em I’m still banned. Any chance of getting unbanned? Would love to be active here again

it might take a little while due to the weekend i’ve got in touch hopefully with the Epic staff and it should be sorted tomorrow

sorry about the problems

Just realized it is in fact sunday! Sorry about that.
Will wait then, thanks!

To be fair to the moderators, that account name is quite suspicious, especially if you come across it in a spam thread!

You should be all set Fitness!


thanks Flak for fixing my mess :o

Easy mistake to make.

Everyone here is so laid back, users, moderators and users. Having a bad day? Go onto UE4 forums and read some posts to fix that.

:smiley: True words

I love this community more and more every day! I hope to learn a lot


Welcome back :smiley: