My 2D project. Jumping sound effect

Hi, I’m pretty new to Ue4 and i still need to learn much about the sound effect… I’m trying to do a little 2d project where
When my character jumps he make a jumping sound but every time i press the button, even if in air is apply ,the sounds keeps spamming. Any Ideal How to fix this?

So i came up with the retriggerable delay too somewhat fix that issue so now the sounds doesn’t overlap every time I press the button but then again its not perfect. I wish I could’ve found a way so that the game understood when my player would be on the platform (so done jumping) before recasting the jump sound.

Finally we can close this one as done. Just do a check for ( Is Fallin) and branch it to only trigger the jump sound when fall with a do once and retriggerable delay et voila!:smiley:


Your unclear answer made me waste an hour. Why?
You said “check for (Is Fallin) and branch…” so i branched it to boolean figured out after an hour of frustration i found out that you didn`t need Is Falling in the first place!