Muzzle flash particle moves backward with velocity

I have an aircraft and I have put a gun on it, now ive put a muzzle flash particle system on it but the problem is the flash doesnt stay on the point where its supposed to be spawned as my aircraft goes forward faster, it starts looking like a fire with a lot of wind hitting it away, I want my Muzzle flash to stay in one place regardless of any speed etc

On Required check the box of Use Local Space

Checked it, didnt make a difference

Are you having your particle system attached to your airplane?

Yes it is attached to my airplane

Well that means something wrong in another location 1.Check that you using the right particle. 2.Check that it doesn’t have velocity in the particle and don’t have inherent velocity from a parent as well. 3.Check that you went through all of the required and set it to local.

this is my particle

Yeah looks normal to me, the only thing that gets to my head that the particle somehow does not gets attached to your plane. Send a screenshot of the attachment or do you just have the particle system on the plane in viewport?
Ps: If not add it in the viewport and see if its how it’s supposed to be if so you will know that something wrong with the attachment.

Okay I placed the particle system on my aircraft actor and it works now, thanks! :slight_smile: