Muzzle Flash Not Aligned to Socket Properly

Hi there gang! I have an SMG weapon with a socket attached to the end of the barrel but when I fire it in game the muzzle flash is pointing diagonally down under the barrel. In the pic above you can see I have aligned it properly. So your guess is as good as mine as too what’s wrong. Anyone know what’s causing my problem? I heard talk somewhere it might be to do with the animation or Anim_BP. Any help would be greatly welcomed! Thx for viewing! =)

Well the socket has it’s local transform and the mesh you are using for the muzzle flash has it’s own local transform so in the image the socket is facing in the wrong direction. It does not show up in the editor as it’s only a visible example.Just rotate the socket until the flash is in the right direction. You can even do it while playing in the PIE

Thanks for replying FrankieV! =) Now do I rotate the socket or the mesh? Exactly where do I goto mate to set the rotation? Cheers then! Sorry if I’m being thick . =) BTW I’ve tried rotating it on the X and Y Axis but it’s still the same! =(

Hi FrankieV! =)

To me it looks like the muzzle flash is in the right direction. I have tried a -180 rotation but still the same result. Any ideas on how to tell which way I should be rotating the socket? Thx mate! =)

Anyone else know how to align the socket properly. I know it sounds like a stupid question but no matter how I rotate the socket the muzzle flash comes out in the wrong direction! HELP!!! =)

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Or perhaps an easy way to set it so it faces forward. It has no visual representation the socket I mean. =)

help, i’m making a shooter and have the same thing. no matter how i rotate my gun the flash is off? my gun is a shotgun.

Well annoying! =)