Muzzle flash facing problem.

My weapon fires and emits a muzzle flash. This particle is facing say south…and no matter which way I turn, that muzzle flash plays still facing south…so if i face west and shoot it flashes off to the left.

Am I forgetting something? it is attached to the muzzle socket…the placement is correct but it wont turn with me…any ideas how to correct this?

Some settings in particle emitter make sprites always face camera. You should change them.

Thanks for the timely reply Nawrot. I hope you didnt mean particle emitter in blueprints. There’s no option for that. “facing the camera” would be the wrong direction to play this hehehe. Wouldn’t want to be shooting myself right!? :smiley:

The muzzleflash is a particle effect of course…
This faulty component is part of a 5 component particle file. The muzzle flash is played in the weapon animation file rather than in a blueprint emitter node. Upon closer look in the particle editor the component with the problem is “CORE MESH”. It has a node called “init mesh rotation”. All I did was select that and tick “Inherit Parent”. Problem solved. Hope it helps someone!

That fixed the problem!

Thanks anyways Nawrot.

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You have two places where all can go wrong.

First is orientation of emitter actor in 3d. To check that just add arrow as chil (drag it on top of emitter in hierarhy). Then make arrow visible. If that arrow faces correct orientation, its all in emitter.

For emitter there are different ways to display sprite, you need to pick one that works for you, and this heavily depends on how you use camera in your game. So you must experiment here. And if arrow from above behaves correctly all fixes will be in emitter.

So you need to find first if that is actor level fault or emitter level.

Well I didnt have to do all that because this was obvious once i realized the muzzleflash was located in the gun firing animation.

By any chance do you try to make some weapons from marketplace working? Because there is set i brought that works just fine in first person but does weird stuff in 3rd person or top dow setup…

I have the sci-fi set (dark version) and just commented there with my findings, so yes. The weapons are all falsely rotated when you put them in. There is so much great stuff but he left out smaller fine details like that in the pack. Otherwise its perfect for my prototype game…I’m doing FPS rogue-like shooter…all i wanted was the sniper actually…

Same just white version. Emitters are done for first person, you need to edit how they display sprites. Sorry i do not remember exact change i did there.
Recently i put them i n VR prototype, those weapons are great, they hold nice quality even in VR hold very close to eyes.
You usually get those small mistakes from artists, its really hard to think about every possible scenario.