Mutliplayer data saving

Hello everyone,

I know this have probably been asked multiple times but I have searched for a while and I can’t seems to find an exact answer for what I’m looking for. I’d like to know before I start.

I’m not talking about a MMORPG, nothing of the like of 1000+ players etc, but, I would like to know if it is possible with Unreal to have a 24/7 server where when somebody leave, their position, inventory etc, are saved somewhere and when they log back in they are at the same place with all their stuff, stats etc. Is it also possible to make some kind of ‘‘World save’’ where items on the ground are saved ?

Yep it’s definitely possible. You will need a database to store the data though. It’s not something you will attempt to do with the built in “save game” of unreal though.

What you are referring to is a dedicated server, and possibly a database. Like ZoltanJr mentioned, this is not something to do with the built-in save game, as the two aren’t the same. Dedicated servers are what is used in Rockstar games,and those with many players.

Basicly, create a bunch of variables, for position, inventory content and whatnot, on player disconnect, send those infos to a specific files with this character’s variables and load them on connect ? Is this all do-able within blueprint ?