Muting sound after minimizing app on ios 15

Hello. The problem exists on all devices on which ios 15 is installed. When the application starts, the music is played, but if you minimize the application, then after expanding the music disappears. Repeated calls to PlaySound2D have no effect. There were no problems on ios 14. Similar problem in ActionRPG and match 3d games from developers unreal engine. But PUBG sound works correctly

Sound reappears only after using Restart Level and OpenLevel


  1. Create a new application empty on 4.26 or 4.27
  2. Create a new map, go to the level blueprint
  3. Add PlaySound2D to Event Begin Play
  4. Run the app on ios 15
  5. Minimize the application and expand after 2-3 seconds. The music will disappear

I already created a bug report on this topic (Case # 00363963) on October 1st, but Epic Games totally ignored me for three weeks. I only received an automatic response to all my bug reports that relate to iOS and UE 4.27 bugs / crashes…

I did some research and made a plugin for audio manipulation on iOS. If you manually call FAppEntry :: Suspend (bool bIsInterrupt) on the iOS build, the sound will be muted, as if the application was minimized. The sound does not turn back on in any way. I’ve tried calling manually

FAppEntry :: RestartAudio ()
FAppEntry :: ResumeAudioContext ()
GEngine-> GetMainAudioDevice () → ResumeContext ();

AudioMixer only logs that it has done its job

FAppEntry :: Suspend does something that kills audio on iOS 15.

It is called in the iOS App Delegate from any system activity that deactivates the game.

Third party audio engines should work fine.

Has anyone found a solution for this?