MustafaSahin's projects

Hello everyone,
Click on the image to video!

New project (My room :slight_smile: ):

My old work:

Hey nice work, looks really good!

I moved this thread over to the Work In Progress section, more people will notice it here. :slight_smile:

My favorite is definitely the modern villa. Looks fantastic and I love the style. Great work!

really loved the stadium and the mosque really great lighting

are you turkish ? am algerian !

thanks everyone :slight_smile: @Amiot , yes I’am Turkish. nice to meed you :cool:
My last work, popular Turkish series ; Dirilis Ertugrul İntro. (Just marquee interior)

I like the tent and the other arabic stuff.

The modern villa on the other hand is just a original demo-map from the Evermotion for unreal marketplace pack, see here:

It is even unedited, so you should not label it as “you’re old work”.

Thanks mate,
I not use the evermotion marketplace scene. I even not know marketplace scene. I just use the 3dsmax file.

My new scene (My Room):
(click on the picture for video)

Nice work!