Must Improve Retargeting Tools

Hey all and Epic team!

First I gotta say that I love Unreal so far, have been using it for just a month or two. Great engine, fluid and powerful, even if it could be a little more intuitive for starters.

One thing I gotta request here is a better workflow for retargeting different skeletons. Currently is a butload of work for a simple task, and I consider this to be so important and so frequent in production. I saw that something in this regard is already marked on the Roadmap, but just as Backlog, for a “maybe” implementation.

Just wanted to emphasize here the importance of better retargeting tools for Unreal, at least in my opinion.

Let me know what you guys think, if we will indeed have a confirmation of the new tools, or if you think the workflow is already fine for you.

If there’s already a topic for this, please excuse me. But this is another complaint I have: for some reason is very confusing using the search box in this forum, the search engine seems to be very bad, because it’s hard to find related topic even if I type exactly what I want.

Anyway, thanks!

Thanks, Harry,

We know the current retargeting is cumbersome and not the ideal tool, and we’d like to make run-time retargeting to work and it is on the roadmap, but it is a bit of bump road to get there.
We’re slowly moving toward that direction with a bunch of work on the way, but we’ll get there. We do know the importance of the feature, and we’d love to have that feature in engine.

Thanks for checking with us.