Must be a better way to compare arrays


I have two 3 element arrays, and I would like to see if the contents of both arrays are the same. I made this working comparison blueprint, but it seems that it could be more efficient. Any ideas on how to do this a better way?



Hey :).
Use the node “For Each Loop”. Example here :


Thanks for the reply. I figured that out after I posted.



Sterling, I suggest you read up on the basic principles of programming, just read the first 5-6 pages of this: Programming Concepts: A Brief Tutorial for New Programmers – Tutorials You’ll learn a lot of things that you may not have known you can do.

It’s not that I can’t code. I am just learning my way around unreal and its node based scripting language.

Most importantly, you did take the time to look through my post and offer a suggestion.

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