Must Aim to shoot weapon

Couldn’t find or create a good solution for this yet. Probably because I am not using the right combination of words to get the results I want from a search.

I want weapon functionality similar to deadspace where the player has to Aim(First input) in order to shoot the weapon (Second input). If the player is not pressing the first input then the player will not be able to shoot.

I have tried to have the first input set an isAiming variable and check that at time of shooting (second input) but for my automatic weapon where the player is allowed to hold down the button has an issue. The player can let go of the Aim button and still be shooting.

All shooting logic is handled in gun class and the isAiming variable is in the player character as well as the input to fire which sends and interface message to the weapon class.

The solution can adopt what I was attempting to do or maybe there is a better way to do this all together.