I have a question after little bit an alcohol (but its a free talk, right?) :stuck_out_tongue: It is possible to implement to the engine player like Spotify? I am asking, because large companies for example is trying scrap out licensed music (take two or ea for example). But after the license expires, you need to revieved license of the music or castrate the game. Is there such a thing as an implemented player for a game based on player needs/playlists to propagate to the others players (keep music to third parties )? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure if I’m understanding you correctly, but if you’re asking if you can change the in-game music dynamically especially if some licenses expire then yeah you could totally do that.
For the most part what games do these days is they may have an option in the Audio settings of the game that disables playing licensed music (which is important for people that might stream the game)
In other cases if licensing expires for a song then the game developer has pushed out an update that removes those songs.
You could also host all of the music online yourself and have the game stream the music, which would then allow you to more quickly change what tracks are available without having to push out an update. I haven’t seen that being done but I don’t see why you couldn’t do it. However, if it’s a single-player game I wouldn’t want the game to rely on an internet connection to play music, and having to maintain an online service for it would have an added maintenance cost.

No. I mean creating playlist music based on the person who starts or plays the game (singleplayer / coop). The point is, I am listen to all the genres. The problem is that not all of them are fans of the same genre.

My question is whether I could override the music based on the person who started the game (like GTA3)?

Reason for doing this:

  • bringing people with a similar taste closer together (socializing)
  • people who play, for example horror or action, have other tastes (according to their perception and past - some prefer dubstep, some prefer metal - e.g. FarCry 3 or GTA)
  • Leave the worry on the third side (with some provision of course)

Something like this, but with license and online :slight_smile:

Sound is like half the experience. Don’t deny it in the movie. As a modder who modified weapons for some older games that were popular, I won’t deny it. As an indie developer, I buy a Boom library and as a professional developer I cant deny it what sounds have an impact on the final gameplay.

It is possible to make game, with monthly subscription and taste by my own? At least on side of music? Like dubstep (or Drill ‘n’ bass or something) custom game experinece or server for anything (e.g. Fortnite)? Why not Nine inch nails for Unreal tournament? It is possible for Unreal engine? Or its not (un)real? : P

Point is… be Dj of your own experience + share with your friends. If I like you, why not choose a musical style for the play with you? You are my friend, right? I mean… Socializing is the key and i miss it. Is it possible?