Music video made with Unreal Engine (100% thanks to Epic)

Hey Epic!
In hope you read this because i want to thank you guys so much.

Having used Construct 2 for the past 6 years ive found visual scripting to be very useful.
In C2 i started working on a music visualizer where i had a band playing to my music 2D southpark style.
Then 2 months ago someone told me about Unreal Engine having blueprints.
So i google’d and watched some tutorials and my mind was blown!
Now i have finished my custom 3D animator in the unreal engine.
Ive watched lots of hours of youtube tutorials to find the pieces i needed.
I have build a fully automated drummer.
Which means i can load in all my separate drumtracks, and through a custom build audio gating system these tracks, drive my drummers animations.
I build 2 guitarists a bassist and a singer of which each i can capture a performance for left hand/ right hand/ and movement. (xbox controller + keyboard)
That all gets saved in arrays and into a savegame.
I hit space and it replays every performance synced perfect to a custom timer.
Which enables me to fly my camera drone through the scene.
Recording the screen with my nvidia gtx1080 for the final video.

After i did all this i found out about the sequencer in unreal engine and made a little facepalm.
Thinking, why have i just build my own sequencer…only to later realize it was actually a good thing what i did.
Because for my needs this system is perfect.
So thank you guys so much for all the work you have put into the engine!
It enables me to learn and be creative with my music and youtube channel.
My wish for the future is a raytracing graphics card and a monster pc so i can build a full concert with 10.000 jumping and cheering interactive audience characters.
Till then i will keep it small and humble going from song to song.
Record music - Perform in my animation system - Release on youtube.
A dream come true!

Kind regards

wow this is really great. I want to look into making something like this, but a bit simpler.
I just want the models to dance and do weird stuff.
Can someone with no background whatsoever in any of this be able to do it?