[MUSIC] RPG Music Pack: The Complete Collection - RELEASED

The RPG Music Pack: The Complete Collection

Owl Theory Music Presents

​ [RIGHT]Released! This multi-pack over 55 RPG, RTS, and Fantasy themes centered around towns, castles, dungeons, battles, exploration, and more! Also includes 16 Fanfares and 4 Ambiences!​

We are a team of brotherly composers, Alec and Adam, who want to support our fellow RPG lovers. We felt that there was not enough RPG music on the market, so we set out to create these themes to help developers in their titles.​


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Enjoy using these in your projects! I’m always happy to help out another fellow creative!​

Each song contains up to 3 variations, and includes a both a Fade-Out and Loop files. Pick and choose what suits your game the best!

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Enjoy a new preview of “Beginning of a Journey”, straight from our RPG Exploration Pack available right now on the Unreal Store!

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- RPG Music Pack Update -

Battle music is always a joy to write. How do you elicit both fear and excitement in the player? Rhythm and pace is the most important, and often I write in different modes or scales than I usually compose in.

This battle music is titled “Clash of the Gods”:…9648272717187/

Hi everyone! Me and another talented game composer, James Powell, have created another RPG music pack for you;

RPG Tavern Music


This has been a joy for us to make, so I hope that you all can enjoy it as well!

Link to RPG Tavern Music Pack