Music Producer/Composer looking for collaboration experience

I’m a music production student doing my final year projects and I would love to compose and produce themes and SFX for your games !! I specialize in electronic/synth based music but have experience creating a wide variety of styles.

No fee just looking do gain some experience. If you have a game that is in production and you’d like some music message me via discord - Bat_Jen909#6366 and I’ll send you some demos and we can have a chat about what you’d like from the project.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I run a small co-op of like-minded engineers, devs, and artists, who love to share. Just like Unreal Marketplace assets can be shared for development, I want to offer you an opportunity to help us develop “virtual concerts.” Please, contact me if you would like to hear about how we share my > 1800 packs from the marketplace. Reach me at,, and check out numerous “Unreal Co-Op” videos I’ve shared on my YouTube (search for Pete Schieck).

I hope to hear from you!