Music - Looking for 90s-style / retro game

**Skillset(s): **Composer

  • 15 years composing and arranging
  • 10 years working with analog synths
  • 4 years working in indie games
  • 2 years working in Hollywood film music industry

Previous Work:
Micro Loops (VGM Playlist)

My Website (


Additional Information:

  • Flexible pay
  • Based in LA but can work remotely
  • Open to chat about anything!

Questions, comments, snide remarks welcome!

Do you favor the late 2D and early 3D eras of gaming?

Are you making a collectathon, a shmup, a jrpg, a kart racer, a puzzle-adventure, a tactical rpg, a narrative adventure, or a platformer inspired by the tropes of that time?

I just had a meeting with a head producer of a well-known game studio a little over a week ago. He told me that - though he listens to demo reels for a living - my game music reel was the most unique, best-produced, and most authentic he’d ever heard in this style. As far as he was concerned, I am now the go-to guy for when he will need this kind of music!

What do you think? Could I be your go-to guy, too?

I’ve wrapped up my current projects and am looking for more games to write for. Let’s collaborate!