Music in the maketplace.

Hello All
I would like to know where to start this. I am learning the unreal engine right now. But I am a composer and I would like to place music in the market place.
How would I go about doing this and what is needed. I can make a very pro sound also how much percent does the market place take. And how long does the music have to be. And also about how to use cues. help would be very appreciated.

Thank you

Epic have outlined the process pretty fully. You can view it all here: Publisher Portal

Thank you I will take a look at it.

I just want to put my two cent about marketplace music. Many composers in the marketplace don’t make looping music. It’s as if they only make it for trailers or title screen. I listened to a lot of great music but the major turn down is that they don’t loop. Just my two cent as a consumer looking for music.

Thank you for that I will make sure it can loop. If there is anything that will help please let me know. Again thank you