Music from UE4 starter map :D

I remember, when UE4 came out, that there was a ‘starter’ map - with different material examples, some particles, and a building with two chairs and a table. Always after starting, heavy gold boxes were falling on its roof, making loud noise :slight_smile: … There also was an ambient soundtrack (quite ‘generic’, but i liked it) and i already have some weird nostalgic memories about it, even if it was only a year ago :smiley: I just spent so much time on this map, learning the basics of blueprints, etc. Is this music available somewhere to listen to? I hope you know what i’m talking about :smiley:

have a look on the learn page in the launcher to see if you can recognise the pack, then you could export the audio and play it whenever you want xD

The thing is, i can’t find it there (and i lost my old learning project), so i’m afraid it’s not available anymore - i thought that maybe this soundtrack is on YouTube somewhere, etc. :slight_smile: Composer name / track name would be useful :wink:

Edit: OK i got it! I’ve found my old project on external HDD, the music is named ‘Starter_Music01’ and it plays on StarterMap. I’m not sure, but it’s possible that this map is still available with default starter content (+ File > Open Level -> StarterMap )