Music errors on mobile game but not in editor

Hi UE4 community,

Im having an issue with the music in my packaged game.

When I test my game on my mobile device, all of the sound cues in my game are stuttering before they play out. Meaning when the sound cue is activated, the first note plays, stops, the first not plays again, stops, and the first not plays again and then the sound cue plays out normally.

This is not happening in the Editor at all. I use other sounds in the game that do not have sound cues and they are working fine in the packaged game. It seems to only be the sound cues.

Any ideas?

fyi my game is built in blueprints.

Thanks in advance.

update: I noticed I have one sound that is not attached to a sound cue that is also stuttering. It seems that the problem i with any sound that is not triggered as a result of player controller.
Meaning: player sounds and item pick up sounds work properly. but any other sound cued by blueprints is misbehaving.

this fixed my problem perfectly