Music does not work on iPad but works in Editor

Title says its all. It works perfectly in Editor, but when i Launch it on iPad music doesnt play at all. I set musicCue and later i use Audio System vaiable to “Play”

Editor downloaded via launcher, 4.6.1.
Editor used on: Mac osX 10.01.1 to compile(and launch) the game for iPad 4 retina iOS: 8.1.2
What i did wrong?

anyone experiencing this ?

Hello wmbuRn,

Is this ‘Audio System’ node a custom variable?

Try disconnecting or deleting this section of ‘Blueprint Scripting’ and package your game again. Test to see if the sounds work after doing so.

If you still cannot get your sounds to work, let me know and we can try some other troubleshooting options.

Thank you,

Hi, i used right click on “Add AudioComponent” and made variable that way (promote to variable). Latter i use that variable and connect it to “play” node. Add AudioComponent have setup CUE to play (Cue have 5 songs in it). On ipad 4 retina, there is no sound at all, on ipad mini 3 it plays only 1 track and then goes silent. I want to achieve a music to be played while playing (music that is not attached to player nor camera)

When i disconnect it there is no sound at all

Hey wmbuRn,

Is this audio you are attempting to play background music or ambient music?

Also, does it need to be triggered by a certain event, or are you just trying to get it to play when you launch the game?

If you just want the music to play you can create a ‘Play’ node in your ‘Level Blueprint’ referencing the ‘Sound Cue’ you wish to play. Then you can just connect that to the ‘Event Begin Play’ node.

Event Begin Play Sound at Location

This is referencing my character so the sound follows the player wherever I go, but you can reference a different object in your scene with custom attenuation settings if you would like the sound to fade out at a specific distance.

I hope this helps!


“If you just want the music to play you can create a ‘Play’ node in your ‘Level Blueprint’ referencing the ‘Sound Cue’ you wish to play.”
I dropped sound cue to the level, create reference in level bluperint, connect in to play and nothing happends. No sound (p.s. it is connected on event begin play)

I Tryed what you posted here, doesn’t work.

Sound doesn’t need to be triggered, i just want to play it when level start (and if this works i will add custom events to stop/play music when using buttons for music. MainMenu is different level, its empty (contains no meshes or landmass).

Okay so a couple of differences. I did not create a ‘Sound Cue’ from my ‘Sound Wave’ file. I also did not drop the ‘Sound Wave’ in my scene. I am simply calling it from the ‘Content Browser’ to play at my players location.

Would you mind showing me your blueprint set up?


I tried what you said, and i also tried to drop sound cue to level, both doesnt work. I can’t post any bp/code, company rule but i can say that there are like 3-4 nodes total connected to “Event begin play”, to load game from saved game. I deleted any node that is relevant for music to test in fresh enviroment.

Oh yes,play sound at location and bind it with player location is a good method to solve this, at least works in my package.