MUSIC - Custom music for free

Hello. The names Valen, I also go by Area 52. I’ve been producing music in FL studio since 2010.

I am willing to make custom music/songs for any project that is willing to take me in, no charge, doesn’t matter how much time it takes.
My specialty is electronic, but Ive also dabbled in Hip-Hop and atmospheric genres as well.
I have never worked on a game and I’m hoping to do this as a way to gain some experience in this industry.

I haven’t had any large-scale success on my music (yet), but the few songs that have gained a considerable amount of views, have very positive acclaim.

A few examples:

I donated to the famous Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect in hopes of getting him to listen to a song I dedicated to the stream. You will see in the video his “chat”/community was VERY receptive of the song, and the YouTube video itself has positive feedback.

A remix of the old electronic classic Escape by KayCee. You can see the feedback and stats this has on SoundCloud. It was basically maxed out on the number of allowed downloads before I removed that option:

Probably the most acclaimed song Ive made. DBZ Hyperbolic Time Chamber Remix. The stats you see on the YouTube video speak for themselves:

Also if you do take the time to visit my SoundCloud, try and listen to as many songs down the list as you can. I have a very wide variety of genres that I’ve posted to try and display what I am capable of producing.

I know that this area of game development is the most saturated so I appreciate you taking the time to review this, and for your consideration. I have never produced music for any sort of project where someone else was relying on me, and I’m curious to see what that pressure will force me to produce. Find out with me :slight_smile:

P.S. I have over 500 hours in UE4 working with blueprints and importing animations and models. I would say I’m adept with blueprints and feel confident with them. I also have 500+ hours with animating in Blender and would say I’m advanced level and very confident with my skills in that.

Example of animating skills

This is a project in which I programmed the character you see and fully animated. Everything but the model is done by me
I am willing to work on this side of your game as well if this gives you more incentive to use me as the musician.