Music Composer + Sound Designer looking to join a serious project.

Hey! My name is Roee and I’m a video-game influenced music writer with a background in 2D and 3D Game Design.

**Skillset(s): **
Flexible Video-Game Music Composer
2D Design in Photoshop
3D Modelling/Sculpting/Texturing in zBrush & Substance Painter

Portfolio: - Original songs & Showcase of capability - 3D Sculpting, Modelling and Texturing work - Backgrounds, Banners, Concept art and more.

Discord - AmitKilo#3271
Mail - [EMAIL=“”]

Additional Information:
I’m currently looking to ***join ***a serious game team that would find my skills useful for OST or other in-game audio requirements.
I can write Combat themes, Background music, Menu music, Cinematics music or other in-game audio requirements for your game.

I may offer my services for free If I find the project serious enough.
I’m not looking to write one piece, but to passionately work alongside your game project and gain professional experiance along the way.
I can also 3D Model and help with 2D Design, as a side thing.

I am not looking for money, I am looking to work along-side a passionate team, contribute my skills, have a motivating goal and gain professional experiance.