[Music] Cinematic Trailer Music Pack available now!

Hello and greetings to everybody!

I’m happy to join this awesome community and would like to show you here my very first asset packs I created for Marketplace (audio). I added a full SoundCloud preview (link below) of all the content for you to get an idea of what the music is sounding like. I decided to go for this project, because there are so many good packages for all kind of genres. But not too many trailer music like packages - especially for other than action themed genres. Please let me know what you think about this topic or my music! Also since this is my very first asset, I composed and published here, any form of hints, thoughts and critics are welcome! :slight_smile:


Go here to the marketplace!]( or Listen here to all tracks at SoundCloud!](Cinematic Trailer Themes - Pro Pack by lyncisAt | Lyncis At | Free Listening on SoundCloud)

Hey lyncisAt,

That’s some really nicely composed music :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words! Any track you like in particular? :slight_smile: