Mushroom Tunnel! from Quixel Assets

Hi everybody! I’m a Davide, videomaker from Italy!!!

Really thankful for how much unreal engine is empowering us!!
This was made in a couple days, experimenting with my firsts animations (animals) and to see how could i creatively use the Quixel assets in a new way!

This is the links to my works: Lynkfire

Happy to land in a community like this!! Blessings to all


Wow Davide!

This was a thrilling, trippy, ayahuasca-inspired journey! Thank you so much for using UE and sharing your project with us! :raised_hands:t4:

The way nature is infused here with a slight futuristic element is wondrous! It’s as if we are travelling through a portal that exists between the human and spirit world - passing by spirit animal guides on our journey, resulting in a metamorphosis as we move from one phase of our lives into another.

What was your inspiration for this mesmerizing VR experience? Was creating the camera movement throughout challenging at all? How long did it take to complete your project from start to finish?


Wow! this is such an incredible description for the video hahaha, thanks for the kind words!!

“What was your inspiration for this mesmerizing VR experience?”

I wanted to create some photorealistic tunnel for visuals, so i started messing around with the amazing rocks assets to see how i could have achieved that.
Using some AI video art textures on the rocks i was inspired to the concept of the futuristic/alien world colours you see in the video.

Camera movement was really easy! it’s my favourite part coming from a filmaker background.

2 days + one night of rendering.

I decided to render with enanched settings in order to achieve better quality in the motion blur on frame by frame.
Settings specified in this video: Improve Your Renders With Unreal Movie Render Queue PART 1 - Goodbye Sequencer?! (4.26) - YouTube

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I love it, this gave my instantly some flashbacks of “the lawnmover man” movie.
But way better, i really love the way you use the colors and environment to create this phantasie feeling. The music is also really cool and a perfect match.

if you hade use some sort of music form an old band like marillion then you could titel this not only as “Mushroom Tunnel Trip” (btw perfect matching name) you could call it also “Up in Smoke” :heart_eyes:
Waiting for more, this is really a great video.


haahah no wayyy!!! you guys are making such good compliments! loving that movie =))) and their VR worlds

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