Museum Paleo Art loop

hello,a video i did for a museum of Varaždin, Croatia. lots of work, big thanks to Unreal tech and Character animation toolkit ( CAT ) in 3ds max for making these creatures walk around :slight_smile: sound by me so it’s not great, Sigur Rós helps a lot.
i want to push this further in VR so i’m looking forward to that, cheers.


Skeleton photogrammetry by
Music Von - YouTube
the bison and lion models were free assets that i modified ( added fur )
Bison by
Lion by…e468312f371677

This was a very pleasing 3:48 video to look at :smiley:

Landscape and scenery are superb, animals look very good and their animation is very well executed, very natural! Also, I love the fur!!

The switch from the skeleton to real animal at the beginning is a very nice touch, great intro.

You found the perfect music for this short :slight_smile:


hey thank you so much! the fur was my primary concern but the foliage shader + dithering function + TAA made it pretty easy on the GPU, i couldn’t believe it, so again big thanks to UE tech :slight_smile: and the polycount seems like a thing of the past considering how much the mammoth model took. ■■■■ i can’t wait to try this in VR or make it an interactive level, editing the video made the whole thing loose it’s magic a bit. so i hope to keep this thread alive a bit longer. tnx again!

Looks really strong throughout! Lighting, animation, framing, music, etc. It really feels like a classic diorama come to life. Would love to see how this translates into VR (esp. the fur shading).

One thing I noticed was the horses seem to be missing their shadow or they are less noticeable. It makes them feel a little less rooted into the scene.

thank you! you’re right, the sunlight shadows had to be set further, it’s noticeable in the trees too. next time :slight_smile:

mammoth model with fur cards was the most difficult thing i had to make move. + more shots that i prefer to the ones in the final video, much darker tone but the landscape wasn’t correct to what the paleontologists had in mind. still, it was really cool getting critiques from scientists :smiley:

the mammoth rig, i don’t want to go back there any time soon lol

Really cool to see the dev progress of this beast. No worries, the magic is still there :smiley: :wink: