Museum And Art Gallery Slideshow

Hi there, this is my first After Effect Template Project, This project is done using Unreal Engine 4, Blender and After Effect, Please look at this video

Your scene and models are descent, lighting is ok but your camera work could use some attention, looks like a rollercoaster ride instead of a stroll through a museum.

hi wvdb84
** thank you for your feedback, this is my first project, i will surely keep your feedback for my next project as a input bro,

thank you for your love and valuable feedback**

Hi there,

I’m not a fan of classic music nor this type of scene, BUT, it’s refreshing, unusual and very well made :smiley: Textures look very HQ, really like the “grain” aspect of many of them. Lighting is fine imho, it represent very well the kind of lighting we can see in common museum :smiley:

Only thing that need work is the camera, while I like the flyby, the panning isn’t good at all if I can say it that way. I mean, when the camera moves horizontally at a certain speed, there is a “jagging” effect on vertical lines and I think it’s related to encoding. Youtube compression and online re-encoding as always been a mess, that is why many upload to Vimeo instead. Even if on Vimeo it doesn’t look as good as the source, the downgrade is less visible.

It can be a real pain when encoding at 24 / 30 FPS and upload to online services when they automatically convert to 60 FPS.

Anyway, your first project is really good. The only bad aspect is the video encoding. I suggest you work more on it so it would make your first project even better :wink: